Individual Health Insurance

The Individual Health Insurance in India means for a single person buying a Health Insurance which is individually covered.  This is a very low premium for the person in younger age like before 35 years.  After age 35 to 45 premiums are moderate & 46 to 50 premium of Health Insurance slightly expensive & thereafter ages premiums according to age obviously higher side available in the market but very company to company.

If you don’t have the best mediclaim policy just because of your company doesn’t provide it or you are self-employed or you don’t have any job, you are not single up to 83 million Indians did not have Health Insurance previous year, according to the Economic Times of India. The Medical Insurance coverage is so wide & gives protection in every single occurrence which needs hospitalization.

Those who don’t understand about the function area of best Health Policy will protect your hard earned money when it needs most, when they understand after any miss-happening of medical emergency arise in his family/ friends/colleagues/relatives or himself and then hospital expense will not match with the pocket at that time they valued Health Bima is worthy to buy for protection for all medical emergency.

Mind Set of Individuals- about Best Health Insurance Policy

We categorize Individuals in four types according to age groups which are as follows:

18 to 25 years

26 to 35 years

36 to 65 years

66 to 99 years

1st Category Age group of 18 to 25 years Individuals 

The first age group doesn’t want to understand the importance of single health insurance.  They feel we are very young never be ill as well as they generally pre-assume that in past no injury or accident happened so in future also things will remain the same, then why buying Health Insurance? It is a waste of money.

Individual Health Insurance

2nd Category 26 to 35 age group Individuals

Individual Health Insurance

This age group individuals are more ambitious, at this age they don’t realize about Mediclaim policy because they are very much busy in carrier orientation / focused on particular projects / some may be new startups / New Ventures / Business settings and so on different activities.

They genuinely forget about their own health, they assumed about himself can be fit forever & no medical emergency will occur in future. But after that also some of the individual percentages of buying individual Health policy of this age group is better as compare to above from 1st Category.

They at least more mature & having decision taking power or some are planning for getting marriage etc.  So, they generally decide & search through various sources to find the best mediclaim policy in India accordingly they buy from them.

3rd category of 36 to 65 age group Individuals

they are pre-determined persons, they already feel they know very well know how about the best mediclaim policy, it is necessary but also they feel till yet present age no occurrences happened in past then why should buy Health Insurance, It has to be but it can be postponed for further 5 to 10 years then they will buy not now. They live in imagination or may be called not be futuristic because they very well know about their health for a further 5 to 10 years will be healthy after that they will buy Health insurance accordingly.  But fact of the life is that it’s too late when any disease arises & buying Health insurance with a waiting clause of the company of existing disease will be cover after 2 years / 3 years or 4 years.  It depends on company to company health insurance plans.  So, always advisable to buy Health Insurance in the early age when you have no health issues.

Individual Health Insurance

4th category of 66 to 99 Age group Individuals:

Individual Health Insurance

This category individuals are eager to buy mediclaim insurance who needs it most having some disease already have but no company will cover existing disease coverage from day one they have certain waiting period respectively 2 years / 3 years or 4 years, and after that not easy to buy these policies because of the premiums are very high to the Age is most important parameter for any health insurance.  More age more premiums applicable in all mediclaim insurance policies in India. If having any surgery already happened then no company will give policy for the certain disease.  Most of the person of this age group don’t have the capacity to buy because of financial decision is not in their hand, they are dependent unable have the power of financial freedom, as well as existing medical conditions, vary person to person.  At this age, most of the company arrange the pre-medical screening of the individuals & provide waiting period of those diseases which are found in the pre-medical test.  So, always buy the right health insurance in early ages which helps you a lot in all medical emergencies.

Age of Entry: 91 days to 99 years

Insurance Amount Can be Opt: 3 Lakh to 75 Lakh

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